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Checking for underground cables and services is the first step when it comes to digging, and is imperative for safety reasons. It could also prevent damage to valuable utility services. These days damage to underground assets is still far too common. And, sadly we hear about too many dangerous outcomes. You can hire one of contractors who specialise in underground cable locating in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Safety is everyone’s duty, especially when it comes to digging. However, it’s not an easy task. Some people are too complacent or impatient to wait for safety plans. There can be small delays while plans are passed through the right channels and returned with safe information. While others are simply not trained to read safe digging plans. Either way, it’s a recipe for disaster. Another thought, is that safe digging plans are at best, a guide. They’re given as an aid to help you locate underground assets. Remember, some utility plans may be old and outdated.

However, Dial A Digger’s underground cable locating service is quick, easy and above all, safe. Our team is prompt, reliable and always strive to deliver outstanding customer service.

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Our Process For Cable Underground Cable Locating

For accurate underground cable locating, Dial A Digger use precision locators. These specialised devices use the latest technology. They are also optimised for the earthmoving and building industries. Our skilled operators are fully trained when it comes to using such high-tech equipment. Together, this makes our underground cable locating service precision perfect.

Any underground cables or pipes will be clearly marked. By knowing where underground hazards are, excavators can safely carry on without incident. Your project will remain on track with no downtime due to cable repairs. All this, thanks to Dial A Digger’s precise underground cable locating service.

To minimise the risk of costly and harmful damage, have one of our trained locators visit your site today. Our underground cable locating service includes:

  • Underground service detection and marking.
  • Supply of service marking key.
  • Dial Before You Dig plans upon request.
  • Mud map upon request.

Cabling Underground On A Worksite Being Excavated