Over 30 years of experience in the earthmoving industry

We'll take care of any unwanted dirt, soil and earth you might have on your premise

Removing soil from a site isn't always as easy as some homeowners might think. If you require any waste from excavation work removed from your premise, get in touch with Dial A Digger. We use a range of heavy machinery and tipper trucks to clear and remove unwanted soil, earth, rubble and other garden waste from your worksite.

We can remove your excavation waste and unused soil in sites that require tight access as well. We can remove waste and soil from sites with as little as 760mm of access.

Available In Adelaide & Melbourne Areas

If you're in need of an expert contractor for Soil removal in Adelaide or Melbourne, call us today for a free quote. We've got people experienced in all areas of waste removal who can be there in no time, and available at affordable rates. We'll remove and dispose of unwanted soil, dirt, rocks, sandstone, clay, vegetation and more.

Can work on any property or project

Our range of tippers and bobcats - along with our years of experience - means we're equipped to do work on projects of any size. We can remove soil from large commercial projects and construction sites, down to small domestic projects, such as backyards and other home projects.

We Use Tipper Trucks & Bobcats For Soil Removal We'll remove unwanted soil when doing excavation work and dispose of it for you

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