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No matter where you go, retaining walls are a staple feature in landscaping and construction. But they aren’t just there to look pretty they serve a secondary purpose of supporting the piles of earth that exist when properties and gardens are split level or built on hills. These retaining walls are used to support soil that are at different levels on each side of the wall, which is usually a result of levelling to create a flat surface to build upon.

Retaining walls are crucial to the stability of split-level landscaping during heavy weather conditions such as rain. During rain, the soil won’t be able to maintain the different heights, and a mudslide of sorts will occur, flooding any buildings or property on the downhill side of the wall to fill with mud and sustain damage from debris.

Here at Dial A Digger, we have the machines and the experience necessary to help build the right retaining wall to suit your project, while still providing excellent customer service and value for money.

There are multiple different types of retaining walls that can be used to stabilise the soil. At Dial A Digger some of the most common ones we construct include:

  • Timber
  • Besser block
  • Brick
  • Interlock brick
  • Natural Stone

  • Heron Blocks

  • Concrete 


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The team here at Dial A Digger are fully trained and highly qualified in the art of excavation and retaining wall construction. No matter the project or material that you choose to use for your retaining wall, we can excavate the area, level it, pour the concrete footing to stabilise the wall and then construct it. We guarantee that all our projects are delivered to the highest level of quality possible and that it will be delivered on time and on budget. 
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If you are looking to have a retaining wall constructed on your property, give the team at Dial A Digger a call. We can help you decide which type of retaining wall would suit your project and styling goals the best, as well as give you a free quote to ensure that you get the best value for your budget. We service Melbourne, Adelaide and their surrounding areas Werribee, Dandenong, Seaford, Brighton, Tea Tree Gully and Munno Para. Give us a call today.

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Here at Dial A Digger, we are backed by decades of experience and by professional accreditation. Our friendly and passionate team are keen to help with your next earthmoving or trenching project, so call Dial A Digger today.
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