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Hire an expert operator experienced in commercial and domestic drilling, digging, and post hole augering.

No one likes digging post holes, but for some projects such as deck construction and fence post holes, it’s unavoidable. Save yourself the trouble and effort of digging it yourself, hire one of our auger and post hole digging machines with an experienced operator. When you hire post digger machinery through Dial A Digger, you get the whole package: operator, machine, and drill. We make all post and stump hole digging fast, easy, and affordable.

We'll take care of all post hole and stump hole drilling requirements for your next project. We do commercial and residential projects as well!

Some of the key projects our post hole diggers are hired for:

  • Fence preparation include digging post holes for fences.
  • Drilling holes for decking: Don’t dig deck holes by hand, hire a digger and make quick work of your project.
  • Drilling holes for building stumps: our expert operators will do the job to the exact specifications of your engineer or architect. No matter the project we will tackle it.
  • Safe and secure Billboard and signpost footing piers.
  • Retaining walls, house footings, soaking pits and more!
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Here's Why You Should Use An Experienced Operator For Post Hole Digging

Post Hole Digging is one of our specialties here at Dial A Digger. Our highly trained and expert operators have the right machines and attachments to drill any post or stump hole. We work with both residential and commercial clients and will ensure that any project we undertake is completed to the highest standard of quality and safety.

  • Fully insured and licenced contractors available for post hole digging across Adelaide and Melbourne.
  • We use the latest machinery and post hole digger equipment.
  • High quality post hole drilling at affordable hire rates
  • Free quote, quick response and competitive rates.
  • Get the job done right by an expert, no messing around.
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We also offer more than just post hole digging! Dial A Digger is experienced in all earthmoving and excavation jobs and offers a complete service for your project work. Check out our other services for more information or call us today.