For Old Lawn Removal in Salisbury, call Dial A Digger on 8397 9600.

Old lawn removal Salisbury is the first step to the revamping your landscape.

There are many reasons people need an old lawn removal Salisbury service:

  • Some people want to plant garden beds in its place.
  • In drought situations, people are motivated to replace their lawns with alternatives that use less water.
  • The lawn is out of control, and a paved area may be easier to manage.
  • Revamping the complete garden landscape means large sections of lawn just have to go.
  • The existing lawn is not healthy, and a more suitable variety of lawn is needed for the location.

Once the decision has been made to remove your old lawn, the next question is, how do you do this? Old lawn removal Salisbury can be a big job. There are several methods, some of which have more of an impact than others. Some people use herbicide to remove their old lawn. Whilst this can be valid, remember that herbicide will kill anything it comes into contact with. This includes your beloved plants. Misuse of any herbicide can be dangerous and can have a negative effect on the environment. You will also need to consider the weather. Wind will blow the herbicide away from the target zone, and rain will wash it away before it can kill the grass. In perfect conditions herbicide can work, but then you still have the dead lawn to deal with. The dead lawn will need to be dug up, and carted away.

Whether you have tried herbicide first, or just want to cut to the chase and dig up the old lawn, Dial A Digger’s old lawn removal Salisbury is quick and effective.

Dial A Digger has all the right machines and attachments for easy old lawn removal Salisbury. The best part about our service is that a skilled operator comes with the equipment. This way you can rest assured that the job will be done properly. Our operators are highly trained in all aspects of digging, drilling, trenching and earthmoving. They are also qualified to operate specialized digging equipment and always implement safe digging practices.

For experienced professionals, and quick and easy old lawn removal Salisbury, you can’t go past Dial A Digger.