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 Are you planning to start, or revamp, your Munno Para garden? For all old lawn removal Munno Para, Dial A Digger have easy and customized solutions. To learn more about old lawn removal and green waste clean-up, call us on 1300 234 443. Our expert team will be at your doorstep, ready to go. We have all the right equipment to do the job in no time at all!

Munno Para has a natural setting with of lots of green open space, parks and landscaped wetlands spread throughout the residential area. Whether you want your new garden to camouflage with the natural surrounds, or you want a new modern contemporary garden design, Dial A Digger help you achieve it.

Time to call in the Professionals

Removing an old lawn properly can be a challenging task. Depending on the size, type and condition of your old lawn, it could involve a lot more planning and organizing than you think. Calling in the experts from Dial A Digger is the first step in the right direction. They will be able to assess the situation and arrange the following:

  • Excavation and complete soil removal.
  • Complete elimination of weeds.
  • Deep removal of all the old lawn and grass.
  • Clean-up of all the old green waste.
  • Leveling off the ground, ensuring it is ready for a new landscape.

By removing your old lawn professionally and properly, you can rest assured that it’s gone for good!

Three Helpful Hints for Old Lawn Removal Munno Para

  • Know your neighborhood

Before you even consider old lawn removal Munno Para, it’s a good idea to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. This means looking into any local rules or regulations. It’s always advisable to keep a check on any home owner’s association guidelines, or body corporate rules before you start.

  • Know your Landscape

It’s important to know everything about your current landscape in Munno Para. This includes learning about the soil and what type of vegetation flourishes in this area. Munno Para is generally known for its clay, loam, and sandy soil.

  • Know your Plan

Work out a plan for your landscape endeavors. A plan will help map out what is needed for your old lawn removal Munno Para. It will also help you with your new landscape preparation.  Dial A Digger experts can advise and guide you with this plan.

 Three Top Reasons Why People Choose Dial A Digger


Our professional team have decades of collective experience in all aspects of excavation and digging works. They are all highly skilled and can efficiently do the job to the highest standard.


From small diggers for tight spaces, through to large tip trucks. Dial A Digger have a modern fleet of specialised vehicles, machinery, and equipment. No matter what the job, we have the equipment on hand.

Customer Satisfaction

We have worked hard to build and maintain a reputation for providing high-quality services for domestic and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, skill, efficiency, and reliability.

For old lawn removal Munno Para, or any other earthwork projects, you can’t go past Dial A Digger.