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Old lawn removal Golden Grove, is the first thing to consider when you’re about to transform your residential or commercial landscape. It’s always a good idea to start with a blank canvas before you dive head first into creating your new garden. However, if you’re not sure how to get rid of that dead or dry grass, don’t despair. Dial A Digger provide excellent solutions for old lawn removal Golden Grove. Pick up the phone and call us on 1300 234 443. Our team of garden experts, excavators and landscape planners can help solve your dilemmas right away!


Lawns look beautiful and they also reduce erosion, absorb pollutants and help provide fresh air. Best of all, they are a place for fun and family activities. Perhaps your current lawn is not suited to, or surviving the Golden Grove soil. In which case, it’s best to remove it altogether and start again. Old lawn removal Golden Grove should be handled professionally. There can be a risk if it’s not done properly. In the future, off-shoots from the old grass could grow up and spread into your beautiful new lawn. Dial A Digger have the expertise and proper machinery to make sure your old lawn is gone – for good!

However, a lawn is not always practical for everyone. Owing to hectic and erratic lifestyles these days, not everyone can afford to spend the time, effort or money it takes to care for a lawn. Maintaining a perfect lawn and making sure it is watered all year-round, is difficult for many of us. If this sounds like you, removing the old lawn completely to utilise the landscape in a better way, is a great idea.



  • Ornamental Grass: Replacing your standard lawn for a fine sandy gravel and ornamental grass landscape, makes for a refreshing change. Ornamental grasses such as Stripey White, Blue-eyed Grass, or Sea Rush provide variety to the current landscape. Not only are they an attractive alternative, many ornamental grasses resist disease and require little or no maintenance.


  • Fruit Trees: Large fruit trees make an attractive addition to any yard. Also, you get the added bonus of a juicy, fruity harvest. Think about allocating some yard space for abundant fruit trees. Imagine having such easy access to fresh lemons, limes, mandarins, quinces and persimmons every day!


  • Ponds and Waterfalls: Once you’ve had your old lawn removed, why not think about adding a water wonderland? A pond or water feature is an excellent option and an attractive feature for any garden. The bubbling sound of water is extremely soothing, and a pleasant way to enjoy early mornings and late evenings in your own private oasis.


Dial A Digger can help with all of these. We are a one-stop shop for all your garden and digging needs. We have the right machinery, diggers and equipment to prepare any landscape. Also, when it comes time for the clean-up, our machines can remove excess dirt and garden waste in no time at all.

For old lawn removal Golden Grove, as well as many other backyard excavation services, call Dial A Digger on 1300 234 443.