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Thinking about landscaping and weighing up DIY against expert landscaping preparation Salisbury services? If you’re the type of person who loves renovating your home or garden, there are many DIY landscaping tasks you can tackle without thinking twice. However, there are some jobs that are truly best left to the professionals.

Why Dial A Digger for Landscape Preparation Salisbury?

  1. Hard yakka

Let’s face it, landscape preparation Salisbury is hard work. Whether you’re starting from scratch, a blank canvas, or revamping an old garden, there will be a lot of heavy lifting and hard digging involved. Big old shrubs and trees may need to be removed. Uneven land may need to be levelled. Large rocks may need to be moved. Old garden waste may need to be cleared away. New soil may need to be brought in. Mulch or bark may need to be carted. The list goes on… Dial A Digger have robust machines to do all this yard yakka for you.

  1. Concrete and paving prep

Ninety per cent of a successful concreting or paving job is attributed to the preparation. Without a properly prepared surface, your concrete and paving will crack and crumble over time. With Dial A Digger’s landscape preparation Salisbury service you can be sure that your surface will be meticulously prepared. Our qualified operators have been doing this for years. They have the skill and know how to ensure a smooth and even surface no matter what the terrain.

  1. Retaining walls

Retaining walls are vital to sustain the heavy earth behind them. Not only do they need to be structurally sound, but once again, preparation is the key to a long-standing retaining wall. Dial A Digger’s expert operators have all the right machines to excavate and clear the area, dig the footing trenches, and ensure the base of the trench is firm and solid. If it’s post holes you need, we have the machines for that too.

  1. Rubbish removal

The best part about our landscape preparation Salisbury service is that our machines make light work of garden waste removal and heavy haulage of new materials. Don’t break your back with wheelbarrows and shovels. Our trusty machines will do all the lifting and carting for you.

Once we have carried out our professional landscape preparation Salisbury service, you can run rampant with your DIY skills. Put them to good use in your new garden by planting a vibrant range of plants and flowers. Why not even add a water feature to bring your new landscape to life?