Kanga Loader Hire

The Kanga Loader is a tight access machine that can take on a range of jobs, from post hole drilling to site leveling and everything in between.
Call Dial A Digger to get a Kanga Loader and an expert operator who has the skill and experience to do any job you need done.
  • 850mm access: The Kanga Loader can get to almost any space
  • Post hole drilling: With the post hole attachment the Kanga Loader can drill any post holes you need
  • Chain digger attachments: The chain digger attachment means it can dig precise trenches
  • Create for tight access jobs: The Kanga Loader can fit through almost any gap to make the job easier
  • Site leveling: Get the site leveled fast with a Kanga Loader
  • Soil removal: Expert soil removal with Dial A Digger
  • Rubbish removal: Dial A Digger can remove you rubbish fast and effectively
  • Turf preparation: The Kanga Loader is perfect for turf preparation
  • Concrete & Paving preparation: Get expert concrete and paving preparation with the Kanga Loader