Garden & Green Waste Removal

If you want to clean up all of your garden and green waste in record time then you need to give Dial A Digger a call.
Our expert operators can get your garden clean in no time, clearing up all waste and removing it off site as well.
With Dial A Digger you get the right machine for the job and a highly skilled operator to do all the work, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us.
  • When tidying up a garden and there is too much green waste to remove by hand we have just the right machinery: Don’t spend days clearing up when Dial A Digger can do it in no time.
  • Our professional operators have equipment to fit into almost any size back-yard to help clear all green waste and remove it: We have all the machines and all the right attachments needed to clean up sites perfectly.
  • Local franchisees know the closest and cheapest places to remove green waste: We can help get rid of the waste for less.

When you need garden and green waste removal just call Dial A Digger and it’s done.

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