Excavation Equipment Hire

Excavation Equipment Hire

If you need excavation equipment hire then you need to Dial A Digger. At Dial A Digger we have a wide range of excavation gear for hire, from small diggers through to the big boys. When you hire a Dial A Digger you get the digger and an expert operator who will ensure that you get the most out of your machine. There are many different excavation jobs you could have with a digger, all of which can be done to the highest standards and in the shortest amount of time.

Building excavation: often a build requires excavation, this work needs to be precise and pinpoint, it has to carried out with skill and dexterity. Dial A Digger have years of experience working to plan, providing the perfect footing for your build.

Levelling: another key component of many builds is levelling, ensuring that the site is ready for the foundations to be laid. When you need your site to be truly level you need Dial A Digger, with years of levelling experience and a range of machines and attachments that suit any size and type of site, Dial A Digger can do it.

Hole Boring: Whether it is holes for house piers, for decking, fencing or bill boards, Dial A Digger have all the right attachments to provide the perfect holes. Expertly placed, drilled to the right depth and width, you get the holes you need for your project.

Trenching: Trenching is a precision job, demanding an excavation that is the placed in the right location, is the right depth and width and is structurally sound. Dial A Digger have years of experience with water trenching, electrical trenching and many other trenching projects. When you need trenching you need Dial A Digger.

Swimming pool excavation: there is nothing like having a swimming pool. The excavation needs to be exact so get Dial A Digger on the job and make sure that your swimming pool is perfectly excavated.

Rain Water Tank: with increasing water restrictions it pays to have a rain water tank and the best place to have it is underground where it is out of the way and is below the water table. Get Dial A Digger to excavate your rain water tank now.

No matter what excavation job you need done, you need to get Dial A Digger onto it, they are the excavation pros.

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