Electrical Trench Digging Equipment Hire

Trenching for electrical works is a precision job, requiring skill and knowledge. Dial A Digger are the experts in electrical trenching.
When you get call Dial A Digger, you get one of our highly trained operators who has years of experience digging electrical trenching.
With Dial A Digger you get everything you need, the right machinery for the job and an operator with the skill and ability to do the job right.
    • All forms of electrical trenching done to your specifications: Dial A Digger can do any and all forms of electrical trenching, we have all the skills and machinery needed for the job
    • Our operators are able to read “Dial-Before-You-Dig service plans”: Make sure the job is done safely, all our franchise are able to read Dial Before You Dig drawings, service plans, and engineer’s specifications
    • Backfilling and compaction options available: We can fill in the trench and ensure it is well compacted, ready for use
    • Tight access trenching machines available: No problem if you have tight access, we have the machines and operators with the skillsw to access and work in tight access spaces.

For all your electrical trenching needs you need Dial A Digger.


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