Dingo Digger Loader

When you need a digger but access is tight you need the Dingo Digger Loader, this versatile and powerful machine is able to get into almost any space and can do virtually any job, from site leveling to rubbish removal.

With Dial A Digger you get the Dingo Digger Loader and an expert operator who can get the machine in and do whatever you need.

  • 850mm access: The Dingo Digger Loader can get into almost any space.
  • Post hole drilling: With the post drilling attachment the Dingo Digger Loader can drill post holes.
  • Chain digger attachments; The chain digger attachment allows the Dingo Digger Loader to dig precision trenches.
  • Create for tight access jobs: The Dingo Digger Loader is perfect for big jobs with tight access.
  • Site leveling: The Dingo Digger Loader can level almost any site.
  • Soil removal: Get expert soil removal with the Dingo Digger Loader.
  • Rubbish removal: The Dingo Digger Loader can handle rubbish removal.
  • Turf preparation: Prep your space for turf with the Dingo Digger Loader.
  • Concrete & Paving preparation: Get expert concrete and paving prep with the Dingo Digger Loader.

Get big jobs done with the Dingo Digger Loader, call Dial A Digger.