Chain Trench Digger Hire

When you need a trench dug you need to get a Chain Trench Digger, it makes the job faster and it will do it better. When you need expert Chain Trench Digger services you need Dial A Digger.

All of our operators are trained experts able to follow technical drawings and specifications. This ensures that each dig is conducted correctly and safely every time. When you want the job done right you need to give us a call, we will take care of it from there.

  • Narrow trenching for electrical and plumbing trenches.
  • The Chain Trench Digger is ideal for either electrical or plumbing trenches, creating a precise trench every time
  • Tight access machinery: Our equipment only needs 850mm of clearance to access almost any site

When you need a Chain Trench Digger give Dial A Digger a call.